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" I've been working with Vince and IGC since July of 2016. So far, he has been his services and resources have been invaluable to my operations and formation of my business. 
I began with no real business background, and he has with me every step of the way.
Vince is an excellent big picture/big idea man. Who has a talent for crafting visions to scalable businesses.
 I find myself incapable most of the time of maintaining a larger vision for myself and my business. He definitely excels in that regard and brings that to the table.
In addition, he got me through all the preliminary nuts and bolts of starting a business in regards to: registering my name, sending appropriate documents to the state, getting tax preparation underway, and finding clients, and so forth. That can be quite an undertaking and Vince's guidance was very, very helpful.
I believe Vince will be very insightful and informational for you in your business journey. He is an excellent coach. He's given me confidence when I haven't had it in myself. "
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" When I first sought Vince’s expertise, I was in the very early stages of already starting my business; operating at a loss, with very few clients, low confidence because I didn’t know how to sale myself, overwhelmed with all the responsibilities related to life and business, and just unhappy.
Vince not only helped me clarify my journey and put me on track, but he helped position my business to get more clients, strengthen my legal set up for protection and tax-purposes, helped me become more productive as a single-person operation, better my finances, and painted the big picture for continued growth and success! 
I highly recommend anyone who is looking to develop their business to work with Vince as I almost called quits until he helped me."
" ...Vince was able to put me on the right path towards escaping my dreadful reality and has helped me transition my skills, talents, and ideas into a scalable business. The resources he has introduced to me and the results he has helped me create are what have convinced me to continue working with to this day, so I can escape the corporate world for good.
During the sessions with Vince, he literally paints the picture of what your dream career looks like and makes it seem so attainable that you want to jump in and get to work right then and there. I am so grateful and thankful that I decided to give Vince a call.
Now life is something I am looking forward to rather than dreading Monday-Friday and living for the weekends. If you want to make your life a movie, give Vince a call and thank me later."
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" Vince is a consummate professional. Throughout my time as an entrepreneur, he has been an invaluable mentor. Lucky enough to take me on as a client, I've relied on his services greatly.
His ability to see the big picture as it relates to the day-to-day operations and long term goals of your business is extraordinary. I would recommend Vince to anyone seeking an expert business consultant and strategist."