Hi I'm Vince!

"Creative Lifestyle Entrepreneur "

My early career started with working as an auditing and accounting professional. As an auditor, I performed financial audits for several well-known fortune 100 companies; assessing the risk of something going wrong during the normal course of  business.

One of many responsibilities I had was performing a task known as walk-throughs, which consisted of re-performing the duties of personnel (CEOs, CFOs, etc.) for the business operation to test the accuracy and validity of their work that affected the financial statements.

As an accountant, I was responsible for producing and interpreting the financial data used to make key decisions throughout the company and forecast the future.

Using these skills, I was able to leave my high-paying job and reverse-engineer my background into a thriving business of my own. Where I have positioned myself to help others do the same with their skills, talents, and desires.